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Sometimes you want to do your own technical service and maintenance on your website, but more likely, you’ll want someone who knows what they’re doing to do that for you… We offer the full service technical maintenance package that includes hosting at no additional charge.

Updates and ‘fixes’ for technical difficulties are included in this package.

We include ‘resetting pictures’ to fit the page, adjusting scripts, and fixing the tech/codes that get out of sequence, as well as ‘completing’ any coding that seems to be missing on your pages, after you add content or information. We reset widgets and additions that you might not have set in properly if you update those parts of your site, or add them if you want new items on your sidebars.

There is a whole list of work we do in the background of your website each month, in addition to providing your website with a nice soft place to rest and plenty of bandwidth for your visitors.

The best part of having someone else to do your technical service is having someone who recognizes the strange changes and dangers of hacker invasion before they’ve taken over your website and made it unrecognizable to you. This may not mean your site can be salvaged if it is hacked (so keep a backup, or ask that your web-tech keep a backup) but it does mean that your site can usually be rebuilt with minimal difficulty, and reloaded under most situations.



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