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You’d think everyone would build only responsive websites with all the emphasis on cell phone and tablet use these days. But, brace yourself, not every web designer creates ‘responsive sites’.

Why not?

Some business owners don’t realize the importance of having a responsive website to market their business, and since web designers notoriously use BIGGER machines to design their sites, they rarely realize the importance of being able to READ a website on a device as small as a cell phone.

Responsive Web DesignWe get it. Your buying audience will find you more than 75% of the time on a mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet, neither of these can read a broad faced website. If your website isn’t visually attractive at ‘palm size’ your clients will move on to the next business available, whose website is visually credible in the palm. Don’t be that website owner. You need to KNOW your clients can read your well designed website on their hand held technical device.

Denver Web Studio understands that 87% of all business decisions are made on handheld devices, before they customer enters your business site. In fact, a good sized portion of the 75% of all business done online is done on a hand held device. Your website MUST be responsive to these devices, and readily accessible online.

We design fast loading, upscale websites, that attract the majority user, and bring you to the front of the search engine successfully.

Creating a solid web development strategy is the key to your online success.
Here are a few important considerations when you’re thinking about your web design and marketing project. We’ll be available to help you sort them out during your first consultation, but you may want to jot down a few notes before we talk.

Content for Profit What is your goal for your website online? Is this a redesign, or a new design? Are you marketing a specific product or serviced? Are you a new company starting out with a new brand, establishing your presence, or are you currently expanding your business? If you’ve been in business a while, these questions are still important – plus you might want to think about what has been your strongest success previous to this… Answering these questions will help to determine your website’s purpose and goal.

Brand Identity – What is the primary FEEL of your business? New and shiny, bright? Comfortable and cozy? Tried and true? Purposeful, and without frills? Frilly and cute? We need to know so your website reflects the feel of your business, and you.

Keyword Phrases – Anyone can come up with a keyword list, but a list of phrases that people will search for when looking for your business will help them find you. If every customer who walks in your door now says, “You’re the best widget maker in Bloomingdale!” your keyword phrase will be ‘widget maker in Bloomingdale’ and we need to know that!

If you know what words might help people find you, we’re ahead of the SEM game, and your Search Engine Marketing will be successful.

Mobile Ready Web DesignWebsite Structure – Selecting a platform for your website is easy, once we know what you want to do with your web presence. Some basic considerations have to do with:
• Visual Elements
• Structure of Site
• eCommerce Specific Needs
• Marketing Items (Products or Services)
• Structured Data Collection
• Fundamental Contents
• Content Management
• And of course who will be managing your website?

Let’s be specific here. If you’re going to manage your website and you don’t have any technical experience, you’ll want the simplest platform possible for your business needs. Of course, we can figure that out when we talk, and it’ll be easier if you answer the questions above, and select a few specific items to help determine what your site will do.

• Will you be collecting data on your website?
• Do you need an extensive database with reporting options?
• Will you be building a marketing list from your website?
• Are you going to add content to your site regularly?
• Do you have products you’ll be selling through your website?
• Is there a drop shipper who will need access to your site?
• Will there be more than a few contributors to your website?
• Will you need to have help setting up photos and graphics for your website and loading those?
• Is there a need for technical organization on your website?
• Do you need help creating the content?

We’ll review these questions, but if you have an answer for them, please do jot it down so we can discuss these options.

It’s always exciting thinking up new website designs, but our goal is to meet your business needs, so having an original concept based solution for you is easiest if you’re willing to help us determine the basic bones of the site. Once we know how much site you need, we’ll have a better assessment of the elements required to make you a happy customer, and of course, our desire is to give you the best value for your dollar.

Static or Frequently Updated – Some sites don’t need much updating, just an article now and then, or once a month adding to the calendar, but other sites need daily attention. However often your site needs updated, and how much help you’ll need with that will determine the ultimate cost of servicing your website. If you do the updates and only rarely need assistance, or your site is static and will only need tech service and an annual update to keep it looking fresh and modern, of course monthly update fees will be lower. Various reasonably priced options are available. Let’s come up with a plan for your online web development.

Let’s talk COPY!

Website ContentDo you have content for your website? Or will you need someone to write that? Do you need someone to help with creating content for your high content site? Denver Web Studio offers a wide selection of qualified, and talented content writers, copywriters, and research writers to serve your business needs. Having high-quality, search engine optimized content, written in a reader friendly manner to provide ready solutions, and problem solving tips for your readers is a great way to generate traffic and get extra web exposure for your website, and business.

Marketing – If you build it they will (not) come… Seriously, that just isn’t the way it works. Few websites, on any topic, will draw a buying audience without some tactical marketing strategies to draw in readers, clients, and customers. Of course, the first objective on your list will be SEO (search engine optimization), but even there, you will need some marketing strategies to grow your business to success and profits. How will you set your market apart? What strategy will you use to bring your business to the top of the search engines? Will you be applying social media marketing strategies to the mix to let people know you’re online?

With so many options available, and such a wide variety of marketing strategies, our job is to help you find the strategy that best suits your business, and makes the most of marketing options available within your budget.

Contact Denver Web Studio at 303.968.6863 to schedule a consultation, today!

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