There you are, an idea in your hand, and no place to go with it? Niche Micro-Businesses are the HOT Topic of the day! Even the simplest single item can be a HOT market, and YOU can be the winner.

Whether it’s VIP Bag Lady – where you’ll find incredible bags for sale, or Cozy Cat Couture, or Ken McArthur on The Impact Factor, the key is, all businesses in this market REQUIRE a responsive website where they can draw traffic. In the scheme of business online, none needs much.

A micro business can be profitable selling specific items to a limited market, if the base is broad enough to increase the overall market. So, let’s put that in terms the average business owner can understand.

What is a Micro-Business?

Jenny sells a widget that costs her $12 to purchase, or make. She sells that widget for $85, and spends $7.12 on shipping each widget which she prices out to her customers as $8 in shipping (her time is valuable too).

Jenny takes orders all week on her website, receives a shipment of widgets on Wednesday, and by Friday, she’s hauling her assortment of widgets to the shipping site. Her customers receive them on Monday.

Each week, Jenny receives 300 widgets, and each Friday, she drop-ships at least 300 widgets to buyers. Her buyer list is becoming more and more predictable, so she’s pretty much settled on ordering 300 widgets, five times each month. The overage that she ships takes care of the extra 300 widgets she orders, and she’s always got a few on hand for special requests. She pays $3600 for every 300 widgets, and makes a cool $21,900 after covering costs. Her annual income last year was a gripping $262,800

About 45% of her buyers are repeat buyers, who purchase 3 – 5 widgets each year, but a good portion of her buyers are one time buyers. Which means she has to drive new customers to her micro-business website every single day to keep making this much money from her widget. With a single widget, that might be a difficult concept, but if Jenny adds just six widgets to her list of products, so she’s selling 7 products, the market doesn’t have to change, and those same customers will increase in repeat purchases.

Not everyone wants to operate a mega-box store with thousands of products on inventory, nor should they. As more and more people are unemployed, the number of micro-businesses popping up over the united states is mind boggling. For every new concept, the principle business model is the same. Create a product (or find one that people want to purchase) and sell it to your audience. Sell enough of them to make your desired income and keep doing the same thing over and over.

85% of Buyer Decisions are Made Online.

With 85% of buyer decisions made online, the logic of having a website that gathers up buyers, shows them the product they want, and gives them ample opportunity to purchase that product to be delivered to their home within a day or two, becomes multiplied. In fact, a huge majority of those buyer decisions made online, are completed online with a purchase, because it simplifies the process. Nobody has to spend hours in a big box store shopping. And life can be continued without the interruption.

“Last week alone, I purchased more than $230 of merchandise online. I don’t do that every week. In fact, I probably don’t even do that every month, but when I do need an item, it’s so much more convenient to just search it, and order it on my phone than it is to find time to shop.”
~ working mom of four

The key element here is that I have my phone everywhere I go. If I can order product on my phone when I think about it, why would I waste the time and effort to plan a shopping trip, and have to wait to receive what I go shopping for, until I can spend the time shopping? WHY? It’s so much easier to order it online and receive it at home.

High Impact Marketing Strategies.

Nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars marketing their niche micro-business website after they build their site. It just isn’t feasible to spend all that extra money pushing marketing pieces out, when you’ve generated a website. It makes more sense to let your website and webmaster do their job – plus, you have more time to do what you do with widgets.

niche micro-business

Building dynamic niche micro-business websites featuring responsive, relevant, and residual profit driving traffic from the beginning is our job.  We meet client expectations and drive business to your site, removing the “blue sky” and adding in powerful results and profit margins. We believe in you!

Recently, my friend Ken McArthur reached out, asking for his market to just LISTEN to his podcast and he shared some numbers. He just needs 10K key people to listen to his podcast to make an impact on the world… How many do you need?

“7,502,451,627 people on the earth. I just need 10,000 to listen to my podcast! Help!”
~ Ken McArthur

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