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Have you looked hard for an affordable website and come up empty?

affordable web designWho wants to learn HTML or CSS to create a viable, popular, affordable website? You really need a competent website designer, and a developer who understands your needs, but you can’t afford to pay top-dollar to get one! Right?

Here’s the deal…

Your desperate search for an affordable website could be over, but there are a few things you’ll need to do to complete the  process.

The difference between CHEAP and Affordable Website.

A cheap website may look appealing on the front side, but what about after you’ve had it for six months or a year? If it doesn’t benefit your business, at all… Is that affordable? Can you afford to pay out even $10 a month, if you gain nothing from your investment?

affordable website content

An affordable website grows with your business, produces conversion profits, and makes your business visible online. As a result, your website ultimately pays for itself.

In today’s marketing world, your website can either benefit your business or detract from your business, and the ultimate cost of failure as a result of an inaccessible website can be a deadly financial mistake. Therefore, most business owners find it absolutely imperative to hire a competent web designer to assist with not only the creation, but also the maintenance of their website. Consequently, you’re seeking an affordable website, not a cheap one.

Hiring a web designer to make your website look good, is just the beginning…

A good web designer will set up marketing strategies that keep your website viable, even when you’re not paying for viewers, increasing your content daily, or adding value to the site continuously. That doesn’t mean you don’t need a good plan for increasing your website value and maintaining the fresh content, but it does mean that your website can maintain high value without adding daily content – through organic promotion.

Understand increased affordable website content.

Of course, content is king. Quality content is better. Organic content increases promotional value. Daily content on a business site is most unlikely.

While you may be able to write something on your business blog daily, the chances are pretty good that what you write every day would be superfluous and without quality. Quality is more important than quantity or frequency on a professional blog. High quality writing is easy.

Quality content means your blog gets hits. Hits on your blog translate to profit. Profit means success. Success means you’re in business for a long time!

blog successfullyWhat is quality content?

  • Case studies.
  • Success stories.
  • Solutions in real time.
  • Product and service reviews.
  • Helpful descriptions.
  • Explanations of terms.
  • Details necessary to operation.
  • Top 7 or 10 lists.
  • Answers to questions.
  • Results based information.

Ultimately, quality content is evergreen. Not only is it valuable when you write it, but it will be valuable and season-less for years to come. Easy ways to create content for your blog come with every day questions from clients. If one client asks a questions, more clients probably need to know. For instance, if your client asks how to solve a problem, that problem is worth sharing on your blog, with a solution – especially if that solution includes the sale of a product, service, or information that builds more conversions. And profit. Yes. Profit. We’re all in business to create a profit. Blog for cash is a reality. We want profit as a result of articles posted on a website.

Create articles with information to draw in readers, who need what you sell.

Tech maintenance and marketing are necessary.

Without tech maintenance your plug-ins stop working, your graphics stop showing up where you want them, extra script shows up on the screen, and all kinds of things go wrong with your website, not to mention the rankings crashing down around your neck.

Without marketing your business sales stop. People stop coming to your website. Buyers stop buying what you sell. Your loving public forgets about you. It’s almost as if you don’t really exist anymore… You disappear from their view and you’re not even there… because if you don’t do any marketing to remain visible.

The reality… tech and marketing are the foundation of your success… Without either of them, in conclusion, your business fails.

marketing essentials

Make a splash with marketing – our marketing experts make this easy.

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