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When I realized some of my clients need to know how to micro blog for cash income, because they’re micro blogging about their new micro-business online. I decided it was time to write a blog about it. Micro-blogging is very similar to regular blogging, except it’s more streamlined, and you have set keywords and boundaries that you blog around.

What is a micro-business?

A micro-business is a streamlined business where you only sell a few select products in a given niche. Such as the Cat Lady’s business where she sells all things cat related, including fashions, furnishings, and cat accessories. Everything has ‘cats’ on it.

Cat Lady Couture

Even the cat lady’s daughter wears cats. Cat leggings, cat sweaters, cat shoes, cat glasses, cat everything you can think of – she wears them. Now, trust me, she’s cute as a button, so she can get away with it, but finding things to blog about when you sell fashion decorated with CATS – well, let’s just say that’s gotta be hard.

But blogging is how you drive massive amounts of traffic to your website when you’re selling product in a niche micro-business, because otherwise… How will anyone find you?

She tells funny stories about her cats. She talks about feeding cats. Her cat pictures are phenomenal. She writes entire books with her spin-tailed cat as the primary character. In fact, the most effective cat stories she’s written to date, have to do with her cat jumping from the sewing table to the newly finished skirt of her daughter’s prom dress – and shredding the fabric with the claws she no longer has. How exciting is that?

Pictures, please? Because pictures sell on micro-blogs as well as any other single item you’ve got to show. Can we say Snap Chat?

Another favorite micro-business is the “All things Cell Phone” site, where my little phone guru sells accessories for cell phones, starting with decorated cell phone covers. She talks about all the ways people break their phones, when they say, “No, I don’t want insurance on that.” She has an entire category dedicated to people who say that and walk out of the store, only to drop their phone and shatter the screen before they get in their car.

What single topic do you know?

The bag lady – sells bags. Note pad guy – sells notepads, and he talks about all the things he writes in his notepad every single day. Another BIG seller is the Mule Skinner – he makes placemats, tea towels, and pot holders, then talks about life in the country.

Micro-Blogging for Cash Profit.

If you’re ready to get started, I want to give you a few easy, fun, and doable tips for writing micro-blog posts that attract people and generate consistent revenue with buyer conversions. These are easy to write, once you get the hang of it, and  you’ll be able to write a post with graphics in about 20 minutes. Let’s get started.

1 – Be relevant with SEO titles.

A blog post each day might be too much, but most people can write an interesting, catchy, well optimized blog post once a week in their micro-niche. Remember to stick to your topic, and write about what you know within your general topic. By this point, you’ll have a selection of keywords to use in your micro-blog, and you’ll have some idea of where to put them. Start there and build around your blog post outline.

2 – Keep it Simple.

Write short, sweet sentences, and keep your paragraphs short, too. The more you write, the more white space you want surrounding your words. Don’t fill up the space with a lot of type.

Short, single sentence paragraphs can have a profound effect on your reader. Use them.

3 – Pictures, photos, and graphics.

Did I mention snap chat? Use that often. Add a lot of pictures to your website, to social media, and to your blog posts. People want to know who they’re reading about, so include pictures of yourself, your family, and your friends.

Don’t be afraid to be personal on your blog. People want to know who you are. Show them.

Keyword all your photos in the alt-text area, so they come to the top of the search engines too.

4 – Get Social.

Social media is here to stay. If  you’re not using it, you’re losing it. You need social media. Twitter. Snap Chat. Facebook. LinkedIn. Pinterest. Yup, they’re all part of a micro-blog. Post and post and post some more. Be sure you can be found on there.

5 – Be real.

Pretentious people just don’t get a lot of traffic. And there’s a reason. Who wants to hang out with a pretentious person. If she thinks she’s too good for you, she’s probably right… She doesn’t deserve to be blessed by your presence. So pick up the pace and love yourself and your neighbor.

Be real.

That’s really about all I can say about micro-blogging here.

It’s easy. It’s fun. And you’re really going to love it.

If you’re ready to get started, jump right in and purchase a simple template  to get you started!

For just $197, you get a Quick Set Niche Micro Blog – ready to post your blog posts, and any products you may have.

NOTE: Graphics, shopping cart, and email list grabbers are not part of the Quick Set Niche Micro Blog and will cost extra. These fees can be discussed when we set up your domain.

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