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More often than not, I see a new business trying to boost their presence online with local press releases. It doesn’t work. While press releases build local business, may even grow your local market share, the overall impact of press releases reaches no further than a local radio station is broadcast, or a local paper is delivered. Your optional market online can be far larger, and should include to some extent a world wide marketing place.

Instead of a press release…

Press releases are generally marketed to places who might want to share your great news with their readers. For this reason, a press release rarely goes outside your local market, unless someone or something in your press release has achieved nationwide, or worldwide, acclaim.

faceless manConsider for a moment these truths about your press release:

  • Are their famous people mentioned in your press release?
  • Is someone in your press release a well known political figure?
  • Has someone in your press release recently been on a nationally televised news broadcast?
  • Is your product nationally, or internationally known and recognized?
  • Has your brand sunk a national basket? (Think Nike.)
  • If you’re marketing a national, or international, brand on your website, you might have a chance of achieving national acclaim with your press release. Otherwise, I’d recommend finding a different means of promoting your products, services, and brand.

What’s your story?

In June 1974, I visited the White House, and a guard (probably someone with the President’s Secret Service) agreed to take some $2 bills my mom had brought with us and have the President autograph them. President Richard Nixon was about to be impeached, and within a few weeks of our visit there, he resigned. But, when the Secret Service agent returned a few minutes later, he brought with him four personally autographed $2 bills, and gave them to my mom. She gave my sister and I each two of those bills, and we carried them forever. I stored mine in a glass money jar that I kept for a long time in my dresser. At first, I thought maybe they were something I could eventually spend, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that spending them would release much of their value. While they might still be worth more than just $2 face value, because of Richard Nixon’s name on them, nobody would know their story.

I’d all but forgotten about the bills, until a few days ago when I came across the jar again.

What's your story?After sorting through the bills and looking for the signature on the front side of every single $2 bill in the jar, I remembered an event several years back, when my first husband had spent several of the bills. He had no clue the value, or the story. Richard Nixon’s signature on the bills meant nothing to him, and he didn’t bother to look. He wanted a six pack of beer and he’d taken bills from my jar to go purchase what he wanted. I don’t remember if I ever looked to see if he’d spent those or not, but now… I know they’ve been spent. Both of them, at some point in time, disappeared from my jar…

But the story…

I still remember the story.

And the story is the key to finding valuable ways to market your business.

The media doesn’t want more press releases. In fact, they probably won’t give a press release the time of day. They’ll likely overlook it, pass it by, or keep scrolling, thinking there’s something with more value on the next page. And there will be something more valuable… Someone will tell a story.

Craft your story to share value.

National magazines, world popular news reports, and all of those fun, interesting publications that come out frequently (we call them magazines) are filled to the brim and overflowing with advertisements mingled with stories. Those stories are crafted to share value. People who write those stories do way more than share an event, they purposely contrive the telling of an event, someone’s story, to present a cause, offer a solution, or market a product.

Next time you have a product or service you’d like to share with the world, look through magazines and newspapers, find news broadcasters who might share your story and figure out what it is they’re sharing, how they share it, and why. Once you figure this out, you’ll have what you need to share your own story, sell your product through mass media, and grow a following because of your valuable STORY.

Valuable Story

So, right now, before you need it, pull a bunch of magazines off the shelf, and list the topics they cover. Write down ideas, products marketed, services presented, and stories told. Once you’ve written those down, consider how your product or service might be applicable to the ‘headline style’ of the marketing magazines you’ve reviewed.

Find the Magazines Editorial Calendar and set up a guideline for writing for each specific publication. You’ll want to pitch well in advance of their seasonal guidelines and meet any possible deadlines with high-quality, life impacting stories of interest to each magazine’s readers.

To get your story published…

Marketing should be done about a year in advance, where possible. And you can do that easily with some great planning strategies. Here’s a list of what you should do right away to publicationsbe published in ways that will market your products and services:

  • Make a list of 12 or more magazines/blogs/TV shows, or broadcasts you want to feature your products over the next year.
  • Check out or purchase current issues and publications. You’ll want to own a few copies of the actual publication.
  • Find and dowload each editorial calendar (so you know when they need your story to publish.
  • Make lists of contact information, for each item you’d like to publish your story.
  • Come up with a GREAT, someone original story for each magazine, or publication.
  • Email each editor with your story idea, and follow up a week later. (Follow up until they tell you NO at least 3 times. Be persistent.)
  • Write your story and follow publication guidelines EXACTLY as they’re given to you.

You can either follow all the directions in this document and get your informative articles published in magazines, television shows, and other publication devices, or you can pay someone on our amazing marketing essentials team to do these steps for you and market your products and services.

It’s up to you, but you’ll make a bigger splash with your marketing efforts if you’re writing and telling relevant stories about needs your buying market want to read.


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