Did you know that when you talk about other people’s businesses, you’re marketing for them?

small business promotionA few days ago, a good friend ranted about a company she does business with for over an hour on social media. The thread grew to over 100 comments, and nearly 300 likes in that period of time. Near the end of the conversation, someone said, “My experience with them has been really good. They are quick to respond to any problems you might have, did you try customer service?”

My friend had created a forum for airing complaints, but the final discussions on her thread were positive promotions. Do you know what most people will see when they search for the name of that company?

Because her rant was more about her than it was about the company, nobody will see her comments, but they will easily view the last comments made on her thread – all positive, encouraging, and promotional.

This isn’t generally the way Brand Mentions promote a business successfully, but it does happen that way.

When I mentioned to my friend that her rant was a positive promotion for the business she was dissing, she immediately took it down. But a few days later, I noticed on the company’s website, they had clipped a quote from the positive comments. Their marketing department was using the bad publicity for the good of promoting their business.

Brand Mentions Drive Marketing Success

We used to call it word of mouth marketing… A couple of neighbors gathered over the back fence sharing flowers, coffee, and a recommendation to visit the new hot spot in town would promote a new business. An insurance sales rep hoping to keep a new client might mention them over coffee in the coffee shop, or maybe pass out a few business cards… Or even better, someone at church mentions they need something, and a friend passes on the word of a new business that meets that exact need. How often do we promote a business in our passive, everyday marketing life, maybe without even knowing we’re doing so.

“Did you see my new bathroom? We just finished the wall tile and it’s gorgeous.”

“Oh, where did you get the tile?”

“That little tile shop off Main? He was so helpful, even directed us to a great source for tile glue and surface sealer. We’ll be purchasing our kitchen tile there too!”

Do you think the friend will mention the great deal, the next time they hear of someone needing tile? Of course they will. Or they’ll be bragging about the bathroom remodel to their husband and mention the new tile shop off Main. That little tile shop will get some traffic from just that one mention, because it will be mentioned more often.

How Much More Successful with Social Media?

If businesses found success with word of mouth promotion over the back fence and in coffee shops, how much more successful could they be online, with social media sharing links? Do you think this could be a wave of mass promotion? Perhaps a tsunami of success washing up on the internet shores? Let’s talk about how you can promote your business via brand mentions on social media.


Whenever you add a hashtag to your post with keywords, accessible and consistent phrases, you multiply your traffic. Why? Because your post is seen by you, and anyone else who uses, searches, and clicks, on those hashtags. It’s a real “thing” on Facebook and twitter, so I use a select few hashtags to drive traffic to any niche group. It’s like creating a micro-market by just adding a hashtag.


Bigger than a short post, but shorter than a blog post, your micro-blog can really captivate an audience with keywords, hashtags, and just a few impressive phrases – perhaps someone will take it as a quote, and make you famous?


Those stellar memes, pictures shared, and graphic elements that show up from time to time with hashtags, links, and keyword descriptions often make sharing a brand easier. Where are you? Tag someone, hashtag your location, and share away. Tell people why you’re there.

And then there’s Marketing!

Who knew marketing online could be so much fun?

Brand MentionsWith all the available marketing options, you’d think anyone would be able to ‘do this job all by themselves’ and yet… So often, clients call wanting nothing more than someone to drive high numbers of traffic to their website.

Big numbers may be an amazing push for page rank, but page rank doesn’t necessarily mean anything, any more.

So, let’s concentrate on CONVERSION.

Conversion rates are the number of people who convert from passing traffic to buying customer. Good, solid brand recognition, and a known, recognized name in any industry online will convert traffic into buying customers faster than you can say search engine optimization. But then again, that’s where it comes from…

SEO (search engine optimization) is the quick and easy way to grab traffic, grow your click through rates, and improve conversion.

Clear Digital Marketing Strategy for Brand Mentions

Why do you need a clear digital marketing strategy for brand mentions? Because when customers and clients mention your brand, if they don’t mention it in a way that new traffic and clients can find you – you’re still lost in cyber space with no traffic, on a lonely back road where nobody passes. Let’s change that with a clear digital marketing strategy. Here’s a list of things we’ll be addressing:

1 – Specific ways you want to be known online.  Who do you want to be when you grow up on the internet? Let’s define your direction online, and add in specific key phrases for which you want to be known.

2 – Identify your market and market share. This may be a bit bigger than branding, this is the part where you know exactly who will buy your products, visit your website, and come back again. You MUST know who they are, so you’ll recognize them when you see them, and more importantly, so you can specifically solve THEIR problems.

3 – Define your differences and specialties. Know what you do different, and more aptly BETTER than your competitor so you can provide that information to your buyers. They need to know what you do better, so they know if they prefer your products and services or your competitors.

4 – Sufficient resources and budget to meet marketing demands. No matter how much marketing you do, there’s always a general budget requirement, for either time to do the marketing yourself, or funding to pay a professional marketing team to do the marketing for you. Without either sufficient time to get it done, or sufficient funding to pay for it to be done, your marketing won’t be enough to make your business profitable.

5 – Lack of analysis or optimization of brand or marketing options. The biggest mistakes online marketers make are usually the least costly to perform. When you lack a sense of analysis, and don’t know how to optimize your brand, the marketing options you choose may be ineffective, or worse detrimental to your business online.

“Too much of the wrong kind of marketing can be just as bad for business as not enough of the right kind. Make sure you get your methods and strategies in the right areas of marketing for the best outcome.”
~Jan Verhoeff

DMSA - Marketing Analysis

Whatever your marketing efforts for 2017, be sure you’re getting the right strategies for your business.




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