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Being the best website builder might be challenging, but what if you have amazing clients?

When I started designing web sites for clients I knew I had to be different than the average designer, so I added extra value to my sites. Content with creative copy that brought my clients instant recognition was easy when their topics were within my scope of knowledge, then I started getting client lists with more difficult topics… Then what?

I knew I still had to provide that added value to be the best website builder for the long term.

I’d built my reputation on being the best website builder. Nothing less would do. And all of that was based on quality content, because content brings a targeted audience who needs what you offer, buys what you sell, and returns for more of your solutions.

The best website builder provided quality content.

But more importantly, I started teaching my clients how to create their own amazing content. It’s easy. Use this step by step formula to get started today.

Step one: write a quick list of five topics relevant to your niche.

Step two: write a list of ten sub-topics for each item on your list.

Step three: write ten more sub topics for each of your sub topics.

Remember quick and simple, focus on single elements. And then write a hundred words for each sub topic, using basic knowledge of your industry.

The best content offers informative value in concise detail with an option to learn more if needed. That’s what you’ll be offering your clients. The best content on the best website. And I’ll help you do that. Give me a call at 3039686863 for more information.



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